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Q&A Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1: If I want to use the service How should Greenery Design and Construction start?
Answer : Study the profile, work, telephone number, e-mail address on the website. We are happy to give advice on building a house. Contact to inquire about the terms of service by yourself or at the phone number. 096-5519996
Question 2: Is there a cost for coordinating contact and consulting about your home?
Answer : We are happy to coordinate our work team. Visit the site to measure the work site, the place to be built and make a preliminary appraisal.
It is a service that is free of charge, just the owner of the house contacted us at 096-5519996.
Question 3: How should the selection of contractors be considered?
Answer: Before choosing a contractor should consider that The contractors we have selected meet the standards of good contractors or not and the payment of the work schedule.
Is it appropriate? For the Greenery team itself. There is an appropriate work schedule. Experiences and works that have been completed and are impressive.
Our customers, who can confirm the quality of our work and our team work hard and have no history of leaving.
Q4 : How can you be sure that the design of our house will come out to your liking?
Answer : We have a team of architects who imagine what the customer imagines and then design a design that is close to their needs. according to the wishes of the customer If the customer wants a house of any kind Any type of material can be notified by our team to create a beautiful house to satisfy customers immediately. 95% of our customers are satisfied with the style of the proposed house. If the customer wants any additional points in the construction plan, they can inform us to make changes. for customers to have impressive homes
Question 5: The house or building is decades old. Which style should be improved?
Answer: If the customer likes any type, they can inform the team. The exterior may be a classic shaped house, but the residents may decorate it in a modern classic style. Our team can design a variety of styles, Modern, Contemporary, Loft or many other styles.
Question 6 : Does the Greenery team accept design and construction projects for small projects?
Answer : We undertake design and construction work of all types, whether small or large, single-family houses, condominium rooms, offices, restaurants, coffee shops, water-electricity improvement works in the house. Home additions such as additions, garages, exterior kitchens Built-in furniture, landscaping, waterfalls and fountains, koi ponds
Question 7 : What provinces does Greenery Chiangmai Properties serve?
Answer : We have a team of architects and construction engineers in Chiang Mai and nearby provinces in the northern area, Chiang Rai, Phayao, Lampang, etc.
                For other areas, you can consult with us first at 096-5519996 or [email protected].
Question 8 : How long does it take to build?
Answer : The production of the work is in accordance with the procedures for the quality of the work to meet the standards. The construction period depends on the size of the construction and the difficulty of the construction. The construction model requires meticulous work and in the event that the customer has additional modifications. It may result in the construction taking longer accordingly. We must make sure to design according to the customer's requirements. OK and until the construction work begins. Help in the construction time is not long and the budget does not escalate
Question 9 : How much budget do you need to build a house?
Answer : Our team designed the house according to the needs and usability. We can design a house to meet the needs of the customer within the budget of building a house of the customer. If you want to evaluate the construction price and have questions, you can consult our team ready to serve you.
Question 10 : What channels can customers contact the team?
Answer : Contact the Greenery team.
Phone : 096-5519996
LINE : Greenery_cnxproperty
Facebook: Facebook.com/greenerycm
Instagram : Greenerychiangmai
Office Address : 222 Moo 11, Sannameeng Subdistrict, San Sai District, Chiang Mai 50210
Business hours: 8.30 - 16.30 Monday - Saturday

222 Moo 11, Rop Nok Road, Chiang Mai, San Na Meng, Sansai District, Chiang Mai Province 50210 
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Call.: +66 96-551 9996
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E-mail:  [email protected]

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